メンバー全員が未経験の分野ながらも長きにわたり多くのお客様にご愛顧いただいたこと、製品企画やビジュアル撮影を通して才能溢れるクリエイターや多彩な企業の方とコラボレーションできたこと、ビームスやMR PORTER、SFTを始め協力的で個性的なお店の方とお取引できたことを、メンバー一同心より感謝いたします。



Aloye 中沢理洋 佐藤寛 西崇徳

Notice of Aloye Business Suspension

Aloye will cease operations after the 2022 Spring/Summer collection.

After 11 years of activity since the 2011 Spring/Summer collection, we have come to believe that the Aloye brand has come to an end, and have therefore made the decision to suspend operations.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the many customers who have patronized Aloye over the years despite the inexperience of the entire crew, for the collaborations with talented creators and various companies through product planning and visual photography, and for the business with Beams, MR PORTER, SFT, and other cooperative and unique stores. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of them.

As for the future activities of the members, our director, Nakazawa, will establish a sports brand, Elato, within the company. Sato and Nishi will continue to work on their own design projects.

We look forward to seeing you all again on this new occasion.

Michihiro Nakazawa
Hiroshi Sato
Takanori Nishi